Mindfulness in de media

Er zijn zo veel interessante artikelen en filmpjes verschenen over mindfulness. Graag deel ik er een paar.

Om te beginnen wat filmpjes:

En op deze site twee algemene filmpjes

En een greep uit de vele artikelen:

‘Happier, healthier and better rested: that’s what 20 minutes a day of meditation has done for one writer. And as s resolute sceptic, she couldn’t be more surprised…’ Uit artikel in The Telegraph 19 oktober 2014

‘Mindful commuters say deep breaths, clear mind keep them calm under stress.’ Washington Post 19 oktober 2014

‘…Well-structured mindfulness training elicits benefits for many – cultivating attention and curiosity, enabling greater regulation of thought and emotion, and nurturing action more in tune with values and intention, rather than unconscious automatic habits.’  The Guardian 25 juli 2014

’Importantly, mindfulness trains compassion – bringing kindness to experience is what distinguishes this from the concentration and balance of the unfeeling sniper…’  The Guardian 25 juli 2014

‘How to be mindful when you don’t have time to meditate’. Tips. Mindful. Taking time for what matters.

‘Managers die mediteren hebben meer oog voor hun omgeving’ NRC Handelsblad 23/6/04

‘Scientists study it. Doctors recommend it. Millions of people–many of whom don’t even own crystals–practice it every day. Why? Because meditation works ‘ Time Magazine 4/8/2003

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